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Fully automatic shallow sand filter maintenance and maintenance


Weekly maintenance of fully automatic shallow sand filter: 1. Check the water inlet and outlet pressure. 2. Check the system for leaks. 3. Whether the controller is correct.

4. Whether each valve is in the specified position. Monthly maintenance of the fully automatic shallow sand filter: 1. Run and check whether the differential pressure start backwash is normal, if not, dredge the high and low pressure signal pipes. 2. Check and maintain the backwash valve.

3. Check and maintain the solenoid valve. 4. Check the water inlet and outlet pressure. 5. Check the statistical data, analyze the operating status of the system according to the statistical data, optimize the operating parameters appropriately, and clear the operating statistics.

Preparing for the winter: Drain the filter and any accumulated water in the system if the system is not running. 1. Annual sand maintenance: every year of operation, stop the operation of the filter system, open the upper hand hole of the unit, check the height of the sand and the pollution of the sand, and replace the sand if necessary. 2. Check whether the interior of the filter unit is intact, whether the water cap interface is normal, and whether the water pipes are in place.

3. Sand loading: Load quartz sand from the upper hand hole. For filtration, first load coarse sand, and then install fine sand when the coarse sand has just covered the water cap. The height of the fine sand should not be less than 12 cm, but should not exceed the specified sand line (about 40 cm). Generally, the thicker the sand layer, the better the filtering effect, but the head loss and recoil effect will be worse. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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