Application of Shallow Sand Filter


The shallow sand filter uses quartz sand filter material as the medium filter element, and the water is filtered from top to bottom. The device is generally composed of multiple standard high-speed sand cylinder units, and there are unique water distributors and water collectors inside. , has a unique two-way automatic flushing valve, which can realize the backwashing of multiple standard high-speed sand cylinders one by one in normal system operation, and fully automatic program control.

It has the advantages of small backwash water consumption, convenient equipment installation and easy operation. The equipment has fast filtration flow rate and good treatment effect. The normal filtration rate can be about 40m/h, and the filter backwash does not need to be equipped with a booster pump and a backwash pump.

Backwashing lasts 2-3min, and the amount of backwashing water is less than 3m³. Shallow sand filter application range: 1. Filtration of industrial water requires certain system requirements for water quality.

Such as: steel mill oxygen lance water, boiler, heat exchanger water supply filtration, etc., can filter out impurities in the water and avoid the blockage of several nozzles in the pipeline. 2.

Filtration system of industrial circulating water. 3. The treatment of raw water can filter surface river water, lake water, sea water, reservoir water, well water, and urban tap water as the water source for urban districts' differentiated water supply, etc.

, to remove sand particles, suspended solids, algae, organic matter, etc. in the water. 4.

Agricultural irrigation, especially suitable for water sources with high flow and good impurity content, such as farmland irrigation, lawn irrigation in parks and golf courses, etc. 5. Water for food processing industry, papermaking industry, treatment of circulating water in power plant industry, etc.

, pretreatment of industrial and medical purified water. Recirculation of industrial production water, industrial wastewater treatment. 6.

Aquaculture, swimming and water park industries. Poolking.

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