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Analyze the working principle of swimming pool water treatment equipment


The filtration equipment for swimming pool water treatment is mainly divided into: sand tank filter, hair filter, ozone reaction tank. Sand tank filtration principle: Generally, a certain scale of quartz sand is placed in the sand tank. The size and specification of the quartz sand are different within a certain range. In the sand tank, the quartz sand is arranged from top to bottom, from small to large. , water enters from the upper layer of sand and comes out from the lower layer. When water flows through the filter layer from above, part of the solid suspended matter in the water enters the tiny holes formed by the upper layer of filter material and is trapped by the surface layer of the filter material due to adsorption and mechanical retention.

This filtering effect is not only on the surface of the filter layer, but also has this interception effect when water enters the middle filter layer. In order to distinguish it from the filtration of the surface layer, this effect is called osmotic filtration. In addition, because the sand particles are closely arranged with each other, when the suspended particles in the water flow through the tortuous channels in the sand layer, there will be more opportunities and time to collide and contact with the surface of the filter material. The suspended solids in the sand layer bond with the flocs on the particle surface of the sand layer to form a contact coagulation process. Working principle of hair filter When the hair collector is working, the medium enters the inner side of the filter screen from the inlet, enters the outer side of the filter screen after being filtered by the filter screen, and enters the pipeline system through the outlet.

When the hair collector is used for a certain period of time due to the increased resistance of the clogged book due to the dirt, it is necessary to open the cover of the collector, take out the filter cartridge inside and clean it, and then continue to use it. The hair collector is mainly used in reclaimed water treatment and swimming pool circulating water treatment systems. It is used as a pre-filtration treatment to remove hair, fibrous substances and larger suspended substances in the water, so as to prevent them from winding the impeller of the circulating water pump and ensure the normal operation of subsequent system equipment. The ozone reaction tank is made of anti-corrosion polymer glass fiber or high-quality stainless steel. It has super corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation characteristics. Inorganic and organic substances in the water are oxidized by dissolved ozone and disinfected and sterilized. The exhaust valve on the upper part of the reaction tank is connected with the ozone tail gas destruction device to remove the dissolved ozone at the end before entering the atmosphere. It is a perfect fit and is a modern swimming pool. The best supporting equipment for ozone sterilization.

To sum up, the sand tank filter, hair filter, and ozone reaction tank used in swimming pool water treatment equipment can further purify the water very well. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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