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Activated carbon filters speed up the pace of sewage treatment


In recent years, lake water pollution accidents have occurred frequently in our country. Many chemical, petrochemical and other heavily polluting enterprises are built along the banks of major rivers, near urban drinking water sources and in densely populated areas. At present, these companies have completed the preliminary debugging of activated carbon filters, and also hope to more effectively improve the living environment throughout the day and speed up the pace of sewage treatment.

The design of the activated carbon filter is very simple, and the principle adopted is relatively common, but it has a very powerful sewage treatment function. The activated carbon filter uses stainless steel sintered mesh, which has strong corrosion resistance and pressure resistance, so the activated carbon filter can clean and filter a large amount of corrosive sewage at one time, protecting other equipment Corroded by sewage. Now the sewage discharged by factories and people around the lake must be cleaned and filtered by activated carbon filters before being discharged or reused.

The activated carbon filter can treat the polluted water resources of the lake, and it is also treating the source of the polluted lake. It can be said that it has achieved the goal of treating the symptoms and completely protecting the water resources. We all know that the outbreak of blue-green algae is caused by the eutrophication of water bodies due to the wanton discharge of industrial wastewater. Therefore, the chief culprit of blue-green algae outbreak is the discharge of industrial and domestic sewage.

Treatment of sewage can completely solve the problem of blue-green algae outbreaks, and the emergence of activated carbon filters has more efficiently protected the water bodies of lakes in our country. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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