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Brief introduction of water softener


Overview of the automatic water softener: The automatic water softener is a green, economical and safe new soft water treatment system developed according to the national industry standards and combined with a large number of successful engineering practice experience. Based on the design principle of end-user requirements, combined with raw water pretreatment, water quality monitoring and deployment system, and selecting suitable equipment to form a fully automatic sodium ion exchange soft water system. It has completely solved many problems such as high operating costs, frequent equipment failures, unqualified effluent water quality, and mismatch between water quality and user needs caused by users using water softeners alone in the past.

It has been widely recognized by users all over the country and is the best choice for customers. Main advantages of fully automatic water softener: ◇High degree of automation: automatic regeneration at fixed time and constant flow rate; stable operation, high water quality, compact equipment structure, and small installation area. It belongs to maintenance-free equipment and does not need special supervision for operation.

Low operating cost: Compared with traditional equipment, water consumption can be greatly reduced. ◇Fully automatic operation Due to the adoption of online monitoring, the automatic operation of continuous operation and regeneration process is realized. The whole process is free from human interference, and there will be no advance or lag of process operations.

◇Advanced technology, stable operation ◇No special salt making system is required. The device uses a self-priming injector to absorb salt in the multi-channel servo valve, and regularly absorbs salt and replenishes water according to the process requirements, eliminating the need for a salt pump. ◇Compact structure, less land occupation The whole device has reasonable design, exquisite configuration and light weight. ◇Simple operation and easy management As long as the initial data setting of the equipment is correct, the system can faithfully and accurately operate according to the established procedures.

In addition to the daily monitoring of the computer screen, the operator only needs to add salt to the salt tank regularly and quantitatively. Therefore, general operators can quickly get started after necessary explanations and take care of them independently. The installation method of the automatic water softener: 1. First put the tank in place, 2. Connect the lower water distributor to the central pipe (glue it firmly), 3. Put it into the tank of the equipment, be sure to put it in the tank In the middle, seal the upper opening of the central tube with tape, the purpose is not to let the resin enter the central tube. 4. Add resin to the tank. 6. Just install the controller on the top of the equipment. Technical features: 1. New automatic control 2. Continuous and stable water supply 3. Reasonable and compact structure 4. Multifunctional brine system 5. Flexible design and selection Main application fields: Fully automatic water softener can be widely used It is used in the softening of supply water for steam boilers, hot water boilers, exchangers, evaporative condensers, air conditioners, direct-fired engines and other systems, as well as the treatment of domestic water in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, apartments, households, etc. Demineralized water treatment in laundry, printing and dyeing, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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