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  • Racing Lane Line for Swimming Pool

Racing Lane Line for Swimming Pool



  • Racing Lane's flow-through design controls water turbulence by allowing wave energy to be dispersed along the length of the lane, creating the optimum environment for the fastest swim times. Each lane consists of a series of a 120mm or 150mm polyethylene disks and donuts strung on a stainless steel cable. Each of these disks is designed to rotate independently of the others, thereby allowing the wave energy to be absorbed and dispersed along the channel within the lane. Competitor lanes come completely assembled. Standard Colors - Red, White, Blue, Yellow.


Racing Lane Line for Swimming Pool 02
Model Length
PK-1225 Ø120×25m
PK-1227 Ø120×27m
PK-1250 Ø120×50m
PK-1550 Ø150×50m
SR01 for 25m lane line
SR02 for 50m lane line
Racing Lane Line for Swimming Pool 03
Racing Lane Line for Swimming Pool 04
Racing Lane Line for Swimming Pool 05

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