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Prevent Leg Cramps During Swimming

  • source:poolking;
  • Time:12/25/2018

It is well known that leg cramps during swimming are a common phenomenon. If it is not rescued in time, it often causes a drowning accident. How should we prevent the leg cramps in the swimming pool? Here are some suggestions for you to prevent leg cramps during swimming:


First, the body heat should be increased to accommodate the cold water stimulation during swimming. You can eat some meat, eggs, protein, and you should also eat some sweets.


The second is to increase the supplement of sodium, calcium and phosphorus. These elements play an important role in increasing the excitability of nerves and muscles. Sweating in summer, cramps should also pay attention to supplement with light salt water and vitamin B1.


Swimming time should not be too long, swimming is not suitable when tired or hungry.







Preparation activities should be sufficient: first use cold water to shower or use cold water to beat the body and limbs, and appropriate massage for the parts that are prone to cramps. If you can stick to the cold water bath, you can improve your body's ability to adapt to cold water stimulation, thus effectively avoiding leg cramps during swimming.

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