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How to Determine the Number of Pool Pumps for Each Project

  • source:poolking;
  • Time:01/08/2019

It is very important to determine the number of pool pumps for each project, because it is not possible to share a circulating water purification treatment system in different swimming pools or water recreation pools. Therefore, special attention should be paid when calculating the circulation flow. The numerical value cannot be calculated as large or small.




The important point is that the circulating water pump must be selected according to two or more. The purpose is that once one pump fails, the other pump can still ensure normal operation and will not cause the circulating pool filtration system to collapse.


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It is important to emphasize in the water park project that the lubrication water supply system of the water slide cannot share a water pump with the circulating pool filtration system. This is absolutely forbidden. In addition, the water supply system of the water slide should be provided with a backup water pump. Ensure that the surface of the water slide can have continuous lubrication water to prevent the athletes from scratching the skin and other safety accidents due to the lack of lubrication water when sliding along the water slide. In addition, the backup pump should have reliable measures for automatic operation. 


Only when the number of pool pumps is sufficient can the pool cycle be ensured. And the POOLKING's pool pumps should be the best choice.