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Every Pool Owner Need that Four Maintenance Items

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  • Time:03/08/2019

Maybe you have just finished installing a brand-new pool in the backyard or maybe you had already own a swimming pool for a long time. No matter what situation you are, i still gonna give some useful advices for you to manager your private pool better. And there are four maintenance items is very necessary.



Pools are great fun during the summer, but they also need to be properly cleaned and maintained to keep them safe and sanitary all season. No one likes to do the cleaning, but POOLKING makes it easy with our various types of Leaf Skimmer, which are key to keeping debris such as leaves, sticks, and pinecones out of your pool.

pool leaf skimmer



Having a hardy, reliable pool cover is an absolute need for a pool owner, regardless of location. While you are in colder climates may require a little more strength and longer use, even you are in the South need to cover their pools during the winter. Pool covers aren’t only beneficial in the off-season, but they can be key to keeping debris out of your pool on days when its not in use or when the you may out of town.


reliable poo cover



A filter is the indispensable part to keep your pool water always clean, It is the soul of the pool filtration system, and pool pump is the power core of the pool filtration system. Both pump and filter are taking a very important role in the daily pool water treatment.


pump and filter



As we all know, " prevention is better than cure", so does swimming pool water, keep water cost much less than make water clean. The water testing kit allow you to check the pool water at any time.


water testing kit